5 Logo Design Trends to Watch in 2018

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Believe it or not, this saying is rooted in science.

A phenomenon called the “picture superiority effect” provides an explanation for why we are more likely to remember visuals than words, particularly if some time has passed.

A whopping 80% of our brain is devoted to processing visual information, and 90% of the information we pass to our brains is visual, rather than written.

So pictures are more memorable than words, and we process them more quickly because that’s how our brains were designed to function.

As a brand, it pays to have that “visual footprint,” that motif that your customers or potential customers can recall long after they first laid eyes on it.

For some brands, that could be a mascot: think Progressive’s Flo or Geico’s familiar gecko. But every brand can use their logo this way, as well.

Changes to a brand’s logo can be controversial, but they can also keep a brand in line with prevailing attitudes about design, and with the direction they are moving as a company.

Even huge corporations can – and do – tweak and change their logos to stay in tune with the times.

This post will examine some of the biggest logo redesigns of 2017, and use them to analyze what logo design trends we may see fully take root in 2018.

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